Thank goodness it’s frozen pizza Friday!

Yay, it’s Friday! And I don’t have to cook because Friday is pizza night at my house.

Although this was a short week due to Labor Day being Monday, it feels like it was a really, really long week. Daniel went back to school on Wednesday and we once again put off school clothes and supply shopping until the last minute. So, Tuesday we went shopping. Wednesday we started the back-t0-school routine and I had to run several errands and yesterday I had to take Daniel to yet another appointment with his ophthalmologist. It was way too busy of a week for my tired, achy body to handle.

Scooby’s back-to-school routine is to make a nest in the new school stuff.

This was also a week of unpleasant surprises, most of them financial. Remembering the good old days when I could buy both the boys school clothes for $300 or less, I was shocked by how expensive man-sized clothes are. We spent nearly $500 and didn’t get all that much. Depressing! Then, when I went to mail two packages to the little girl that we sponsor in India, I discovered that it would cost $36 EACH to send them. Yikes! (Note to self: find lighter stuff to send.) Then, I picked up Smarty’s new anti-inflammatory meds from the vet’s office and just about fell over when I realized that they cost 60-some dollars…for only 14 days worth! Daniel’s cataract surgery is looming ahead and the bill for his emergency room visit came yesterday. I haven’t opened it yet. I’m afraid to. I feel like I’ve been bleeding money all week. I feel like we are doomed to spend Don’s retirement years in the scary trailer park down by the river, just because of all the things that our extremely expensive, mandatory insurance plan doesn’t cover.

I thought we were going to have even more medical bills for my currently unlucky youngest son. Wednesday night I made him take out the recycling and he slipped and fell down the front stairs. He fell really hard. I heard it from the kitchen. At first, he thought maybe he had fractured his tail bone. Then the pain in his right arm got so bad he was sure it was broken. I got up yesterday morning fully expecting to take him to the walk-in clinic for x-rays. Thankfully, he felt a lot better, although we’re still going to have to go to the doctor for that arm/elbow before the next baseball season. He looked up the symptoms he’s been having for awhile (the symptoms he didn’t tell us about during baseball season because he didn’t want to be told he couldn’t finish the season) and is sure that he needs Tommy John surgery. This is one time that I really hope he’s wrong.

But today is Frozen Pizza Friday so I don’t have to cook (always a cause for celebration!) and it’s a beautiful, sunny day so I’m going to put all of this out of my mind and just enjoy the day as much as my achy body will allow. I might even take a walk on the wild side and take a pain pill.  Then, I’m going to crank up the heating pad and kick back and stare at my calendar which, for the first time in many, many months, has two full weeks without any appointments. Two weeks with nowhere I have to go…that’s like catnip for a homebody like me!


7 thoughts on “T.G.I.F.P.F.

  1. Sure sounds like a busy week.
    The cost of living seems horrendous all around western countries, Trisha, so I don’t envy you having a family to cater for.

    I’ve still got the virus I came down with 2 1/2 months ago, so with an ongoing high temp, yesterday I asked the Dr if we could try some antibiotics (unheard of for me) in case there’s an underlying infection of some kind – hence no posts or photography from me for a while. And, he ordered some diff blood tests to check my immune system yesterday.

  2. Two weeks of blank spaces on the calendar sounds great! And the weather for next week looks really nice. Sunny and warm, but not hot!

  3. I somehow don’t think an insurance company would approve Tommy John surgery since I believe it’s only done to extend the careers of pitchers (I think you can live a normal life with a torn UCL, but I’m not a doctor nor do I play one on the internet). Hell, I can’t even get my insurance company to get me a discount for a simple X-ray….

    1. Daniel might just be out of luck then, if his internet doctoring even turns out to be right. We “upgraded” our insurance plan in June, paying $400 a month more, and so far all it’s gotten us is more creative excuses about why they won’t pay for things and why the money we’ve paid out doesn’t even go toward our deductible.

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