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Summer Paths


Weekend before last, Don and I went to the Washington Park Arboretum. Despite living in this area for more than twenty years, this was our first time there. It was more natural and less cultivated than I expected. Most of it was like a walk through the woods anywhere around here, with a few non-native trees and mowed areas thrown in.

We were there at the wrong time of day to take good photos but I snapped a few of the paths anyway.


I thought there would be more fall color, since many of the trees around my neighborhood are changing, but it was very summery-looking still.



The majority of tall trees seemed to be the native maples, so I think mid-October might be a good time to go for fall color.

This tree may not be a Which Way for humans but it is for squirrels. Maple trees are like super highways for squirrels!

We wandered down (and up) trail after trail until we finally saw the lookout gazebo in the distance. (A good thing to know if you ever visit the Washington Park Arboretum: The $1 maps from the visitor’s center are completely useless!)


It was really nice place for a walk, not too crowded and pretty quiet, especially for being in the city. The only hazards we encountered were misleading signs that put us on the 520 toll bridge. Cha-ching! I’ll post about that for next week’s Which Way!

In response to Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge



10 thoughts on “Summer Paths

  1. You got some really nice which way photos, including one of the popular squirrel routes. I live a lot closer, but I think I’ve only been there once. I have a hazy memory of going with my mom as a young teen and being bored out of my tree. (Ha!) I’m sure I’d enjoy it now, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    Also, yikes about ending up on the floating bridge! Not just a $ bad turn, but then you can’t even turn around for a long time. Ugh. I hate when that kind of thing happens.

    1. I would have found the arboretum boring as a teenager too!

      That’s twice now that I’ve been tricked onto the floating bridge. I can’t help but feel that the signage in that area is deliberately misleading! At least this time we were headed home and could just go 405.

  2. Stupid greedy humans! I’ll bet you anything that not a single branch on that squirrel superhighway costs a single acorn to traverse! Squirrels can take all of the wrong turns they want without a care in the world… that’s the life for me!

    1. Squirrels have it pretty good. Some days I wish I could join them in their tree hopping and nut gathering and leave the toll paying and grocery shopping to someone else!

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