Friday Ramble


I can’t believe it’s the last day of September already! It makes me kind of sad. My favorite time of year – September and October – is already halfway over and September was kind of blah somehow. We had some nice weather but…I don’t know. I just wasn’t feeling it this year.

I did enjoy last Sunday when we took Smarty swimming at Lake Tye. That’s him, caught in a wink, above. He didn’t last long (his back legs are so weak) but he had a great time chasing the ball, swimming and wallowing in the mud and tall grass on the shore.





Nothing makes us happier than making this old boy happy.

I am worried that he picked up something in that water though because he’s had to poop during the middle of the night at least once every night since our trip to the lake. I’m hoping it’s just from that super expensive anti-inflammatory that I feel conflicted about giving him. We’ve stopped it so we’re hoping the night pooping stops as well. I took him out at 3:30 this morning and then couldn’t get back to sleep. 😦

I’ve also enjoyed the squirrels. While they’re cute and fun all year, they get more animated in their begging in the fall. I’ve got one that sits on the back of the chair and stares in the window,  just like Shorty used to.


And I have a new Shorty! His tail is bobbed off about the same length as Original Shorty’s but it’s shaped differently. He’s every bit as friendly and bold as Original Shorty but seems younger, so I’m pretty sure it’s not Original Shorty with a different growth pattern on his tail. He’s also less cooperative for photos. It’s been hard to capture him, unlike Original Shorty who was a bit of a poser.

Finally, he sits still, but only when it’s too dark to get clear photos.
That adorable tail!

Most of the squirrels seem to be halfway between their reddish summer coats and their gray winter coats. You can kind of see it in these photos.



I’m excited for them to get their fluffy winter coats. They’re so much cuter in the winter!

We had a bit of a crisis on Wednesday when Trouble brought in a live rat and released it. Again. It’s about the umpteenth time he’s done this. To my horror, the rat got away and we couldn’t find it anywhere. Luckily, Scooby saved the day. We heard squeaking and found Scooby and Frosty staring at the fridge. We moved the fridge, chased the rat out and Scooby went absolutely wild, ferociously flailing around in the corner until he captured it. I’ve never seen him like that! He got lots of praise and was quite proud of himself and I’m sure he felt quite superior to his brother, Trouble, even though he’s brought in live animals plenty of times himself.

Occasionally, Scooby’s wild side takes over!

Rats are one of the downsides of living next to a greenbelt. They’ve always been there but I think my neighbor Krista’s cat, Kozmo, kept them under control. He was an awesome hunter. Since he passed away, they’ve multiplied rapidly and my cats are just not up to the job. Frosty hasn’t killed anything in at least a decade and Trouble and Scooby like to play catch and release with small animals. If there’s a full size rat in the yard, they pretend they don’t see it. Once, when they had a baby rat cornered, it raised up its paw and they both ran away. They’re pansies, the both of them.

Today I plan to get a batch of digestive bitters going, do some housework and then, hopefully, catch up with some blogs that I keep meaning to visit, but never stay focused long enough to get there. I’ve had a touch of migraine brain all week and the internet is full of shiny things to capture my attention. I spent most of yesterday reading about the 11 year solar cycle of sun spots and solar flares and the grand minimum and maximums of those cycles. This captured my attention for so long that I completely forgot about Curriculum Night at the high school. When Don got home early, I wondered why he was home so early, completely forgetting that I had asked him to be home early the day before. So goes life with migraine brain! At least I just felt spacy and disoriented all week and didn’t have the horrendous pain that I used to have with migraines. It’s weird how migraines can change over the years.

Anyway, have a fabulous weekend!



7 thoughts on “Friday Ramble

  1. I laughed out loud when you said the cats pretend not to see the big rats. Wonderful squirrel pictures as always. One squirrel has been foraging around the side walkway I use to my building and twice now instead of just immediately running away it stays close, as if curious about me. I talk to it and thankfully no one else has come along to wonder why I’m saying nonsense to a squirrel.

    1. I swear squirrels are good listeners! I always talk to them when I see them places too so I wouldn’t think you crazy for talking nonsense to them. 🙂

      I’m glad my cats cowardly behavior gave you a laugh!

  2. I can’t believe I’m saying this… but I think the photo of Scooby with the rat in his mouth is even cuter than the squirrel pictures! We had a cat once that didn’t believe in playing with its food. Any stray rodents in its path went from caught to digestion in about 15 seconds…

    1. We had a cat like that once too. We’d see a squirrel in the trees and next day there would just be a tail laying in the edge of the yard. I’m glad Trouble and Scooby don’t do that but I wish they would take care of the adult rats instead of just the babies!

  3. Your Smarty so reminds me of my Sassy that passed two years in Sept. She had leg problems also. So happy to see Smarty having fun in nature. ❤

    1. It’s such a tragedy that so many large dogs have leg problems. That’s what happened to our dog that passed a year and a half ago too. It’s so heartbreaking to watch them struggle.

      1. So true! One blessing was that in her last days we had such beautiful weather and Sassy was able to spend a lot of quality time laying in the yard. 🙂

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