We Have Babies!


I didn’t think we were going to have squirrel babies in the yard this year. A few weeks ago, something tragic happened to the first one to fall or venture out of the nest. After that, I began seeing babies in other areas but none here. I thought maybe the moms had decided this wasn’t a safe place for their young’uns.

Then, on Sunday, the  little one at the top of the post showed up. I think it may be the littlest gray squirrel to ever show up at my house! I worried about it out there all alone.


It looked so little and maybe kind of skinny too. But it’s a fast learner. It came right up to the deck where the food is and seemed to know right where to go to get away, unlike the little guy that got stranded on our deck cover last year.

“Mom, help me! A human and a cat are staring at me!”

It even took a peanut from Don and ate it. Usually, it seems like it takes the babies a couple of weeks to learn to eat peanuts.


I started putting sunflower seeds in the boxwood planter in the corner of the deck, so the baby could easily get to the seed and also be partially hidden while it ate.

Yesterday, I looked out and saw two noses and two sets of paws in the boxwood!


And, yes, a butter knife is stuck in the edge of the planter. Why? I have no idea. This is just the random sort of thing you find when you live in a house full of boys. Most of my spoons are currently missing and there’s no telling where I will find them.



Baby squirrels are so fun to watch. They often move in unison, like one is copying the other and one always seems to crowd the other one, who then seems a tad annoyed. Typical siblings!

I’m so glad there are two. It makes me feel better to think of them together.

I will try to get more photos of the pair when it’s not so dark out, which could be challenging with our current forecast. Of course, that’s probably changed since I looked at it an hour ago. We seem to be in a pattern of hard to predict weather. But, whatever the weather, it will be brightened by these two little cuties!


23 thoughts on “We Have Babies!

  1. They are the cutest and adorable! This is unique occasion, it’s so good you made photos and share with us! They are fantastic! My face is beaming from pure happiness! Awesome!

    1. LOL! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who has found things in strange places. Sometimes I’m curious enough to ask what they were doing, other times I just shake my head and move on to the next mess.

      1. Yes….this too shall pass. Like when my youngest used to tie a string from the chair to the buffet. IDKY but it was so annoying. Every time i tried to walk that way there would be a barricade.
        Awww…I miss that little guy.
        Don’t really miss that string though.

    1. Yes, I think they’re right out of the nest. I wonder what brought them out so early though. I usually don’t see them until they’re a little bigger. I’m worried they’re not going to make it.

  2. Aw, they are so sweet! What great photos you captured! I miss my squirrels so much…our stupid condo association cut down our tree a couple of years ago. So thanks for sharing these!

  3. What CUTIES they are!!! I absolutely LOVE that third picture! As much as adore cute animals, I usually keep some kind of hold on my man card and refrain from squeeing like a little girl when I see something toxically cute, but I couldn’t help it there! I look forward to seeing more of the little ones!

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