Friday Ramble


Sadly, there is only one baby squirrel left. It seems they came out of their nest too early this year and were just too vulnerable to predators. (Don’t ask me how I know – I don’t want to think about what I saw!)

On the positive side, the one that’s left seems to be a fast learner. It’s already figured out how to get into the swing feeder.

Sorry for the blur, it’s very, very dark here today so, even with my ISO cranked up, I couldn’t get a fast enough shutter speed to clearly capture this little guy.

Because the remaining little one is so small, I am not letting Trouble or Scooby out during the day and I have two very angry kitties on my hands. Trouble meows all morning until he finally wears himself out in the early afternoon and Scooby isn’t even bothering to claw up the couch in secret anymore. Yesterday, he started sharpening his claws on it while I was sitting on it!

I still let Frosty out, if he wants out. He doesn’t even glance at the squirrels and is so old he doesn’t seem to know what’s going on around him most of the time. It’s been at least a decade since he killed anything. It’s actually funny to watch him sleeping in the sun on the deck because the squirrels are curious about him and come up to sniff him while he’s sleeping. They’re a bit puzzled by him. They approach him like, “what ARE you?”


We had our first fall storm move through last night and, while it mostly missed us, it’s breezy here this morning. I love it! Our weather felt…hmm…, stuck? somehow over the last month. Today things feel like they’re flowing more normally again, which probably makes no sense to anyone but me. I guess really it just feels normal for October. After the past few years of abnormally warm and mild weather, normal feels good.

Hearing my wind chimes clinking together this morning reminded me of being on my grandma and grandpa’s back porch in Sedro-Woolley. It was often windy there and they had a whole row of wind chimes that Grandpa had pieced together with odd pieces of metal. The wind chimes are probably what makes me start getting homesick for the Skagit Valley this time of year.

I couldn’t find a photo of Grandma and Grandpa’s house that I knew but this was where they lived before my mom was born. It was long gone by the time I was born but I wish I could have seen it and met their dog, Rowdy (that’s him in the photo). I also wish my Grandpa would have kept that car!

Speaking of that homesickness, I might go visit my parents this weekend. I thought about going today but we are down a car. The electronic key for the car Don has been driving died. Those newfangled key things are so handy…until they’re not. They’re also expensive to replace – $170.00, just for a stupid key!

Michael (my 20-year-old) had an eventful day on Tuesday. The building he was working in caught on fire. He watched as the managers battled the blaze with fire extinguishers until they ran out. Then they just had to wait for the fire department. There wasn’t too much damage to the building but the shed where they discard metal dust burned out. Apparently, certain types of metal dust are highly flammable. I had no idea. Anyway, he came home early on Tuesday but was able to go back to work the next day.

My week wasn’t so eventful. I’ve been to the grocery store twice and, otherwise, have been cloistered at home. But that’s just the way I like it!


11 thoughts on “Friday Ramble

  1. The baby squirrel is a darling, so sad that the rest of them didn’t make it this year. Nature is harsh sometimes.
    The electronic key on David’s car died when I was getting it ready to sell. It was an old car so a friend took it to a local mechanic and they disconnected the electronics so it could be driven without the electronics. It cost me about $100, a new one would have been very hard to get. The lady who bought it was quite happy with it like that.

    1. Nature really is harsh sometimes. The babies were so adorable. I’m still feeling sad about what happened to them.

      I didn’t know you have things disconnected to make it work without the electronic key. I’ll have to keep that in mind for the next key that goes out!

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