Friday Ramble


October is usually my favorite month. But this year? Not so much. We only had four or five days of sunshine to light up the golden leaves. I welcomed the rains at first but the gloomy skies got old really quick. A couple of days ago, we were about to break the record for the wettest October on record and with the rain we had yesterday, I’m sure we shattered the old record. October seemed more like our usual November, only warmer and more boring.

I’m glad I took the following photos late one September afternoon because I didn’t see scenes like this in October.




Scenes like this next one were a lot more common.


Many trees are already completely bare and it makes me sad. Autumn passed by too quickly and the wet, blah season began too soon. (We can’t call what we have here winter.) What do we have to look forward to? Blahvember, Blahcember, Blahuary, then spring, which I don’t like anymore, and then the too busy, too hot, too bright,  season, which I really don’t like.

Oh, Autumn, you are far too short!

It looks like we might have some sunshine today. If so, I plan to drop everything to get out to enjoy it. It’s a good day to get out of the house anyway. Frosty, our 19-year-old cat with dementia, is driving us crazy today. He has yowling episodes several times a day every day but today he just won’t stop. His yowl is the most horrible sound I’ve ever heard come out of a cat. He has kind of a raspy, weird meow anyway (his mom always sounded like she’d smoked six packs a day for most of her life) but this yowling is horrible. Sometimes I think he must be dying and I run to him, expecting blood to find blood coming out of his eyes or something, and find him just sitting in one of his sleeping spots, with an extra blank look in his eyes.


Today is Michael’s day off and he came out of his room at 7:00 this morning, punching one hand into his other. I could tell he was very frustrated by the dog’s barking and Frosty’s yowling. I apologized for not being able to keep them quiet. He said, “if he doesn’t stop yowling, this will be his last day on earth!” Then he punched his other hand again and went back to his room to try to sleep. Frosty continued yowling for another forty five minutes. The only person that can comfort him these days is Daniel and he is at school. I tried to comfort him but he doesn’t like me anymore.

This is the first autumn since I found out I’m allergic to eggs, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pineapple, banana, soy and cane sugar. I also have an intolerance to corn and sometimes gluten. These allergies are making it impossible to enjoy the fall spices that I crave. I tried making some pumpkin bars egg-free. They wouldn’t set up. I tried making pumpkin muffins. They were heavy and gooey. It seems that pumpkin + gluten-free + vegan = awful. In the past, I’ve been able to tolerate some gluten and sugar but, for some reason, right now I’m having severe reactions to both.

This is the flavor-less pumpkin pie I made last year. The crust was fabulous but I’ve got to find a new filling recipe.

This weekend I’m going to try making raw pumpkin pie bars and vegan pumpkin pie fudge so I have something to indulge in while everyone else is eating Halloween candy. Hopefully at least one of them will turn out.

I’ve also got to find a sugar-free chocolatey recipe. (I can’t eat sugar-free chocolates because they have artificial sweeteners, all of which make me very sick.) I made some vegan chocolate nugget cookies earlier this week. They tasted more like bananas than chocolate, which is weird because they didn’t contain bananas or anything resembling banana. :/

If none of recipes turn out to satisfy my sweet tooth, I might just throw candy at the trick-or-treaters while shouting, “enjoy your &%#%@$% candy, brats!”

Ha ha. Not really. I always make someone else answer the door. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Friday Ramble

  1. Beautiful fall color in your photos. I especially like the ground level leaf and leaf in a puddle photos.

    I was going to go out today to take advantage of the brief break in weather and get some fall photos also, but I just couldn’t get going and never left my apartment. Hope you did better!

    Sorry about all your treat and animal troubles. I laughed about throwing the candy. Probably best that someone else answers the door!

    1. I didn’t do much better in getting out in the break in the weather. I got my camera, put on my jacket and as soon as I reached for the key the dog came running. I just couldn’t say no to him so I took him instead of my camera and settled for a short walk around the neighborhood.

    1. Yes, we have. I used to like spring and maybe I will again once my youngest graduates and is done with baseball. May-July is just too busy for me and I dread it so much. And if we could do away with daylight savings time, I think spring and I would do much better together. That spring forward business really messes me up!

  2. I remember many times when I was still living at home wanting to get up and make the dog’s life his last on earth for yapping and barking while I was trying to sleep off a night of work. Never happened, though, the dog lived a full 16 year life. I’m glad my cats are quiet except when they try to beat down my door while I’m sleeping…

    1. My cats do that too. We can’t leave the door to our bedroom closed or they rattle it and yowl all night long. At least the dog sleeps at night, although he snores and farts. Animals just don’t make sleeping easy for us!

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