Happy Hallo…er, New Year!


Where have the past few months gone? It seems like just a few days ago that I watched the squirrels investigate the jack-0-lantern I recruited Don to carve for them.





They immediately decided to “customize” their pumpkin. They chewed the tooth halfway off and made the mouth larger. Then their investigations got a little more invasive!



I worried that the babies would get ambushed by the bigger squirrels while eating like this but I underestimated their resourcefulness.


The babies climbed inside and honked so aggressively at all approaching squirrels that none dared to bother them!

It was a lot of fun to watch.

And then Halloween passed by, then Thanksgiving. Then Christmas came and went and now the new year is upon us.

2016 was a year of small changes for me. I abandoned all radio stations that play new music and became a classic rock person. I had my below-shoulder-length hair cut into an above-shoulder-length bob. I kind of lost interest in one hobby – photography – and discovered another – journaling. Now instead of waiting for decent weather to try to get out to search for photo subjects, I sit down at my desk and play with distress inks, stamps and stencils to create pages to journal on.

A couple of my most recent pages before the journaling


My change in hobbies leaves me wondering what to do with this blog. Quite honestly, blogging, and all it involves, has become very overwhelming for me. And, when things are overwhelming, I avoid them. Right now I’m leaning toward pulling the plug on this blog and just attempting to check in with everyone from time to time. Or, I could do once a month updates or something. Or, I could start a new blog. I don’t know. I don’t plan on completely deleting my WordPress account, so I won’t disappear entirely.

Whatever the new year brings to Shedding Light, I hope it brings you much happiness!


14 thoughts on “Happy Hallo…er, New Year!

  1. I love these photos of the squirrels and pumpkin!

    I know what you mean about avoiding things that become overwhelming. I totally relate. I have missed your posts, but if you’re not feeling it it’s silly to force it.

    No matter what you decide I wish you all the best. Though I hope you don’t delete the blog since people can still stumble over it and enjoy your posts and photos. Plus that means it’s there if you become inspired again.

  2. Love those squirrel pictures with the pumpkins, especially that last one with the little head poking out! 🙂 But I love your journal artwork even more, it’s gorgeous Trisha!!!
    I haven’t been as active on here either in the past several months, there’s been sooooo much going on in my world lately – good and not so good, and I’ve been finding my creative expression lacking, but I see yours is alive and well, it’s just taken on another form – again, love that journal!
    I hope all is well with you Trisha, I’ve thought of you off and on and noticed you’ve been quiet on WordPress even though I haven’t been here much myself, and I’ve missed you.
    I’m wishing you and yours all the best in the coming year!
    And selfishly begging… please don’t go!
    At least keep in touch, okay? 🙂

  3. Those pictures are so cute, especially the one with the squirrel looking out of the pumpkin mouth! I can’t get my squirrels interested in my pumpkin at all… they must be hooked on the corn!

    I concur with everyone else that I hope you stick around and still take the occasional squirrel pic or two!

  4. I completely get the idea of wanting to just go (see: I am a hypocrite because my own blog is no longer open), but I hope you are able to stick around, even just here and there, so we know how you are doing. ((Hugs)) and Happy new year!

    The pumpkin’s expression as he is slowly devoured is pretty spot-on 😀

  5. You can check in as often or (not often) as you would like! Don’t worry about it 🙂 but I always appreciate your posts and squirrel-antics. On another note, your journaling pages are gorgeous!! so lovely, really 🙂

  6. Hi Trisha. Your creative spirit still shows in your beautiful journaling page. As the song of life goes, “to everything there is a season.” May many blessing find you in the New Year. Loved your blog! ❤

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