About Shedding Light

Shedding Light is simply my place to share. Photos, entries for photo challenges, talk about pets, love for squirrels, semi-coherent ramblings, occasional talk about chronic illness, herbs, aromatherapy and bullet journaling, you’ll find it all here. I’ve tried blogging about just one subject and I found it very boring. Shedding Light is a reflection of me with my varied interests and thoughts that bound from one place to another.

I got the name Shedding Light from The Writer’s I Ching – Wisdom for the Creative Life by Jessica Morrell. The quote for the entry on Shedding Light is:

The writer is always tricking the reader into listening to their dream. ~ Joan Didion

I feel like that’s what blogging is! If I can make my life sound interesting enough for even one person to read about it, perhaps I’m a bit of a writer, after all.

The entry in the Writer’s I Ching goes on to talk about shedding light being a time of synergy, optimism and alignment, a new and renewing light. I feel like blogging does all that for me. As I write about my struggles, I come to understand them better and I always try to shift my perspective to the lighter side, through optimism, gratitude for all I do have, and sometimes humor.

I also thought Shedding Light was an appropriate name because, when I question why I blog, or use any social media, my answer is always that I’m looking for a way to bring some light and beauty into the world. Because of my chronic illness that causes pain and fatigue, I don’t get out much and, when I do, I’m often not feeling like a beacon of light and positivity! This blog is a way that I can share the light and beauty that I see in the world.


15 thoughts on “About Shedding Light

  1. I came across a link to your blog and was amazed to see you are where I was at some 20 years ago with the Aromatherapy, Herbal Medicine, Meditation, yoga thing.
    I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgis (and probably CFS) in 2006 and severe HCM (the inherited kind) and other spinal disc disease, lumbar disc surgery, pre-diabetic too.

    Strange how we chance upon people with similar paths.

    Diet (the Paleo diet) and regular movement is the key to my living well……oh, and my passion for Photography taken up in enforced retirement in 2010.
    (sometimes I thought I had early Alzheimers in 2009).

    1. It’s good to hear from someone who continues to live well with these conditions after 20 years and I’m glad you found your keys to living well. I’m still looking for mine. I’m now at the stage where I’m worried I have early Alzheimer’s! Thank you for stopping by. Have a great weekend!

      1. I think many of us FM & CFS sufferers worry about Alzheimers. All I can say is I haven’t got any worse than 2008/9 when I was still working. Daily B12 injections helped me get through the last months of office work and now, I take B12 (Cyanocobalamin) sublingual tablets daily which are cheaper than injections (even though my blood tests show I have high levels of folate & B12). They seem to help my memory & intermittent brain fog, but the reality is than ALL my health symptoms wax & wane (hence the intermittent nature which leads to lack of normal people’s understanding of these health conditions).
        So don’t worry about the possibility of Alzheimers.

        1. Good to know it hasn’t gotten any worse. Talking to other people with fibro/CFS always makes me worry less because we all struggle with various degrees of brain dysfunction. My naturopath/acupuncturist just started me on a B-12 – folate combination in addition to the B complex I was already taking. Hopefully it will help with the fog. I got B-12 injections for awhile and they were expensive.

  2. Hi Trisha, We’re trying to get a “campaign” up and running and we’re personally tapping several of our fellow bloggers for help. Please check our latest post at http://wp.me/p5AbPX-aJ and consider joining us and spreading the word. We feel certain that if this takes off it’ll be a great way to spread a lot of love and good vibes across the entire blogosphere.

  3. Hi Trisha, I found you site because you found Vicki’s site. I have been following Vicki for about two years and because we both live in Victoria (I’m in the country and she’s in Melbourne we have a lot in common. I am lucky that I don’t have the medical problems she has – all I have is Arthritis from hitting myself with a hammer and Emphysema from smoking too much when I was younger. But she does inspire me to take more photos although I like mixing up poems and stories as well. I’m glad you liked her blog. Some people criticize me or make fun of me being a blogger, but it has become a real life saver for me in many ways. I will look forward to reading more of your work from now on.

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